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Maximum bearing pressure:

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Product details

Sob-1b bronze base bearing is made of tin bronze as the base, sintered bronze spherical powder in the middle, rolled PTEE and high temperature resistant filling material on the surface. It has a high safety factor, and is especially suitable in places where continuous work can not be stopped for repair and places where high temperature can not be refueled.
At present, the product has been widely used in metallurgy and iron and steel industry, billet raceway of continuous casting machine, equipment in front of high temperature furnace, cement grouting pump and screw conveyor. It can be combined with steel sleeve on the outside or made into flanging, so as to achieve the effect of using the end face and inner hole by friction at the same time.
In the sliding part of bridge bearing, sf-1b wear-resistant layer thickened product is used to replace pure PTFE plate. Meet the requirements of 130n / mm2 load-bearing use.
Maximum bearing pressure: 140n / mm2
Friction coefficient μ: 0.03 ~ 0.18
Applicable temperature range: - 195 ℃ ~ 300 ℃
Maximum sliding speed: 5m / S
Allowable maximum PV value (dry): 4.3n/mm2.m/s

Allowable maximum PV value (oil): 50N / mm2.m/s