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Product Description: sob-1d hydraulic special bearing. It is a new material designed on the basis of sob-1p and combined with the working principle of oil cylinder and shock absorber. It is more wear-resistant under the condition of no oil. In addition to the advantages of sob-1p, this product is especially suitable for the occasion of frequent reciprocating and high tendency force.

Its performance is similar to that of foreign DP4. At present, this product gradually replaces sob-1p product and is suitable for automobile, motorcycle shock absorber and various hydraulic cylinders.
Maximum bearing pressure: 140n / mm2
Friction coefficient μ: 0.04 ~ 0.20
Applicable temperature range: - 195 ℃ ~ 280 ℃
Maximum sliding speed: 3m / S
Allowable maximum PV value (dry): 3.8n/mm2.m/s
Allowable maximum PV value (oil): 50N / mm2.m/s