The eighth general meeting of China bearing indust

Release time:2020-03-11

On September 18, the eighth general meeting of China bearing industry association was held in Shanghai, attended by representatives of more than 300 member units from all over the country. According to the association's articles of association, members of the Eighth Council, executive directors, rotating directors, deputy directors and secretary-general were democratically elected. Meng Wei, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of Wazhou group, was elected as rotating director of China Bearing Industry Association.

At the meeting, Zhou Yu, Secretary General of China Bearing Industry Association, made a report on accelerating supply side structural reform, innovation and upgrading, and building a strong bearing country. The report points out that Wazhou group seizes the strategic opportunity of revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China, plans scientific development ideas, comprehensively implements the commanding point and internationalization strategy, speeds up the pace of structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and promotes the healthy development of enterprises. The company has developed a variety of bearing products that are limited to be exported to China from abroad, breaking the long-term technical monopoly of foreign countries, calling for "made in China" of high-end bearings, and contributing to the localization of bearings for major equipment in China. Under the leadership of the Party committee of Wazhou group, all the staff worked hard and won the honorable title of "national advanced grass roots party organization", becoming the only manufacturing party organization in the bearing industry and in Dalian this year recognized by the Party Central Committee.