Hardware technology: production process analysis o

Release time:2020-03-11

The most important part of the machine is the bearing sleeve, the sliding bearing sleeve is very good, and the quality is also very good, so how to produce the bearing sleeve?

1. Forging: the toughness and strength of the ferrule will be reduced if overburning, overheating and internal cracking into network carbide occur during forging. Therefore, we must always strictly control the processing temperature, cycle heating and cooling conditions after forging, such as spray cooling. Especially after the final forging of a large variety of rings, the temperature should not be piled up if the temperature is above 700 degrees.

2. Heat treatment: close monitoring of heat treatment equipment is an important work in the workshop. Reliability of monitoring equipment. The important temperature control instruments such as instruments and thermocouples shall be closely monitored to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the measurement data; those with errors exceeding the standard shall be replaced in time, and operation with faults is strictly prohibited.

3. Monitoring of grinding process. No grinding burn or grinding crack is allowed on the finished imported sliding bearing rings, especially on the mating surface of cone taper modification. If the ferrule is pickled, it shall be fully inspected and the burned products shall be removed. If the ferrule is severely burned and cannot be repaired or unqualified after repair, it shall be scrapped. The ferrule with grinding burn is not allowed to enter the assembly process.

4. Identification management: after the steel is put into storage and before the ring grinding, each process must be strictly managed, and GCr15 and GCr15SiMn materials and products of different materials must be strictly distinguished.

In order to give full play to the better condition of stainless steel joint bearing, the selection of grease on the bearing is directly related to the stable operation of the equipment. Foshan Aosheng Mechanical Bearing Co., Ltd. will explain the selection of stainless steel joint bearing grease from the following aspects:

1. Rust resistance

Antirust agent is less insoluble in water. The grease should have good adhesion, and the grease used in the bearing must have antirust effect. It can form an oil film on the steel surface.

2. Mechanical stability

Cause leakage. During normal operation, the grease will soften during machining. Grease will be thrown into the bearing by the bearing seat. If the mechanical stability of grease is not enough, the soap structure of grease will be mechanically disintegrated in the process of operation, resulting in the damage of grease, thus losing the lubricating effect.

1. Important factors for oil selection

Choose a grease, if the wrong choice of grease, then all measures to prevent bearing is in vain. It is very important that the viscosity of base oil can provide enough lubrication effect at working temperature. The viscosity is mainly affected by temperature. It decreases with the rise of temperature, and increases when the temperature drops. Therefore, it is necessary to know the viscosity of base oil at operating temperature. Mechanical manufacturers usually specify the use of some kind of grease, but most of the specifications are applicable to a wide range of greases.

2. oil seal

During the operation of the joint bearing, the oil seal is the necessary barrier to protect the bearing and lubricant from external pollution. No matter sundries or moisture can not penetrate into the bearing to prevent damage. Proper equipment maintenance is an important factor to give full play to the long service life of bearings. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the cleanliness of the bearing, the correctness of bearing selection and the selection of appropriate devices and maintenance tools. In addition, the bearing must be protected from contamination by pollutants and moisture, and ensure that it is correctly installed and lubricated.

3. Classification of grease

The consistency and lubricating ability of grease is that the joint bearing operated at a certain temperature which is affected by the working temperature must choose the grease with correct consistency and good lubricating effect at the same temperature. Grease is made in different working temperature range, which can be roughly divided into low temperature grease, medium temperature grease and high temperature grease. At the same time, mainly according to temperature and working conditions: grease can be classified according to its allowable working temperature.